I honestly believe I could’ve done better in life in the field of music, but I became a Chemical Engineer by default and joined the Air Force more for the lure of the blue uniform than any patriotic fervour. There was nothing chemical about it. My heart was in the creative world, but I landed up in a predominantly destructive field.

To quench my creative thirst, I became a self-taught painter and, once in a long while, earned some pocket money, which allowed me to buy a bottle or two of scotch. Then I became a golfer since the golf course lay right in front of the house where I live – I never broke a handicap of 18 (now 21).

After dumping all my paintings in his basement, I decided to try my hand at writing, even though I learned more abuses in school than English prose! Thanks to Rupa Publications, who are releasing my first book *Lovers’ Rock*, I’ve earned a pass to join the party.

I run a hotel in town to put meat on the table – just in case I run out of the ‘royalty’. I live with my wife of nearly 50 years in Jodhpur, India.


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