My Review of ‘Trouble Has a New Name’ – Adite Banerjie


What impressed me most in this book was the eloquent prose throughout the rich narrative—the witty dialogues, the exquisite descriptions of the unfolding scenes before your eyes, and the juicy descriptions of the scorching love scenes without being too graphic. The author clearly excels in the last mentioned!
The plot, however, is mostly predictable the moment the author decides to put Neel (whose physical attributes have been over-described) and Rayna (the dusky beauty whose legs shown on the cover do not match the image presented in the book) together in the same villa. When two beautiful people with broken hearts are thrown together (I find it difficult to believe Rayna couldn’t be accommodated elsewhere), the inevitable has to happen despite their hostile postures. The laughter shown during their intense love scenes was a bit of a spoiler for me. Those are passionate moments where light banter doesn’t fit.
Bringing Sid and Karishma at the same spot didn’t serve much purpose in my humble opinion except introducing an unwanted twist in the tale. Having done so, I would’ve liked Rayna to completely ignore Sid instead of confronting him. She would’ve emerged as a much stronger character that she is. Some of the back stories could’ve been given less space to move the story faster.
Neel’s distress at his sister’s condition was understandable, but his swift departure, without a proper explanation, was not. After such a sizzling romance his sudden ‘goodbye-act’ didn’t quite fit his character. Likewise, Rayna’s cool response also didn’t sound real…as if getting laid was just a minor diversion.
How a story goes is entirely an author’s prerogative, even though a reader might entertain some doubts about the situations that unfold. This story, like any other work of fiction, does have its share of doubts. Having said that I find it difficult to believe that this wonderfully written book doesn’t find a place in the Best-Seller list where so much crap does!
To say the least, this is one of the best from Indian authors I’ve read in recent times. I read it twice for the sheer beauty of her unique voice and the delightful prose. I wish her the best.

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