My review of ‘More Than Just Desire’ – Summerita Rhyne

‘More Than Just Desire’… is just that … an unfulfilled desire that more than confuses Piya and Arfaaz, the two egoistic protagonists, getting on each other’s nerves as easily as getting intimate. Despite their declared hostility, and their hot-and-cold stances, there lurches a primal desire that had remained unexplored due to hostile postures and egoistic hurdles on both sides.
The major chunk of the story, their internal feelings, though written so elegantly, remains in their heads for most part, an overdose of which tends to become repetitive and somewhat tiring. Perpetually grappling with their internal conflicts, and self-inflicted injuries, they refuse to come to terms with reality. The frequent mood swings suggests that the two did not know what exactly they wanted from each other.
Having said that, I find the opening scene with Arfazz’s father rather funny, and a bit confusing. It wasn’t the best start in my humble opinion. Likewise, the author devotes too much space on back stories, without showing how both of them end up so big. The abrupt jump from rags to riches leaves a gaping hole in the tale, which is where the meat of the story lies.
Nonetheless, the author never fails to delight with her rich prose and sizzling love scenes’without doubt a specialty of the gifted author.
I remain a great admirer of her style and flawless diction.


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