My review of “The Cure Was Love” By Reet Singh

‘The Cure Was Love’ comes as a welcome departure from a lot of crap doing the rounds as ‘best-sellers’. The author has a distinct and highly stimulating voice, with good measure of witticism. The narrative is eloquent, rich, and inspiring to say the least. The characters are real, somewhat uncertain, but wholesome.
Jilted by a past lover, Simi is perpetually in a state of denial when she instantly falls for a rare specimen in Rudy. She constantly reprimands herself for wanting him, but finds him irresistible. The attraction, in my humble opinion, is predominantly physical as demonstrated by her thoughts revolving around his rippling muscles than anything else. The urgency with which they ended in bed together—after a solitary kiss on their first meeting— did surprise me. One would’ve expected their romance to blossom a little, perhaps a few more kisses, before they get horizontal. I must admit, however, that the author (herself a surgeon) has described their feverish union with surgical precision without being too graphic.
Simi’s abrupt departure from Rudy’s pad, as if she caught them naked in bed, was somewhat premature. At the same time, Rudy’s failure to catch her before she flies off to India was not entirely believable.
The end was mostly predictable, though the manner in which the author has chosen to conclude the tale leaves a few questions unanswered. Like how the Colonel convinced himself that Rudy, a complete stranger from a foreign land, was the best thing that happened to his daughter without asking her anything? And how in less than a week Rudy is able to locate the father in Chandigarh, and find an employment?
On the whole, the book was engaging, and perhaps one of the best that has come out in English by an Indian author. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good love story narrated in great style.


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