My review of “Second Chance at Happiness” By Ruchi Singh

‘Take 2’ is an interesting plot with ample doses of drama and witticism. The dialogues between friends are wholly entertaining, and descriptions meticulous. The pace of the story, a bit slow in the beginning, picks up momentum in the later half. Despite some interesting twists in the tale, the end was more or less predictable.
I do notice a certain degree of immaturity and inconsistency in the conduct of the principal players. Priya vows to hurt her husband, Sameer, very badly for deserting her and, at the same time, begs him to come back to her, knowing too well that he is a gone case! That doesn’t sound convincing to me, though such behavior is not uncommon in certain sections of our society. Sameer, who wants a divorce, is a real crook, and a bit of a clown, who has the audacity to ask her for money while sleeping with another woman. On the other hand, Priya is hanging on to her marital tag a trifle too longer. She should’ve discarded that rogue like an old shoe a lot earlier instead of chasing him pointlessly.
Abhi enters Priya’s life like a breath of fresh air and captures her heart. She is clearly besotted by him, but is in a constant state of denial, wondering whether to pursue that angle or not. Abhi has similar feelings for her, but he camouflages his real feelings behind the garb of a good Samaritan, willing to help her cope with her dilemma. Much to the anguish of Abhi, Priya decides to maintain her distance from him. Exasperated by her vacillation and tantrums, Abhi too chooses to keep away from her, but not for long.
The author has handled the court scenes quite deftly. The drama that unfolds after the discovery of the false plaster is quite hilarious. The villains in the case were understandably not professionals.
What surprises me most is how swiftly Abhi and Priya embrace each other after so much of blowing hot and cold. That profound moment of joy seems to have been rushed over—and lacks in depth, in my humble opinion. Perhaps the author could’ve stretched the emotional content a bit more before they finally unite. I for one would’ve liked to see Priya—who sheds tears all too frequently—bursting out in tears of happiness and burying her face in his chest, and Abhi smothering her with wet kisses.
A nice book to read on a rainy day.


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