Author Reet Singh’s review of “Lovers’ Rock”

on 20 September 2015
Are you looking for a spirited, crisp read – one that fuses suspense, romance, intrigue, and adventure? And employs an engaging narrative? Then pick up this book – Lovers’ rock.

The story has an old-world charm, and no wonder since it is based in the 1960s. The author displays a fine ability to ‘show – and – not – tell’ – it made the characters come alive for me – their flaws and strengths, their beauty and ugliness, all were exposed.

The narrative is brisk – no long, never-ending sentences; the author moves quickly from scene to scene, and the plot develops at a nice clip. From the clever hook at the very beginning, to the twist at the end, the story is entertaining and gives us a glimpse into the world of glamorous women, gallant officers, rapacious gold-diggers, benevolent strangers, and trustworthy friends.

I thoroughly enjoyed this bracing book and recommend it for your bookshelf.


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